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ACT Test Preparation

Like the SAT, the ACT is a nationally recognized college admissions exam. The ACT differs in content as it consists of English, Math, Reading, and Science sections as well as an optional 30-minute Writing Test for universities that require a writing score. Although the ACT is more knowledge-based than the SAT, it still doesn’t reflect the lessons taught or tests taken in a typical high school classroom. One of the main reasons for this discrepancy is that the ACT requires that students read and analyze information from a variety of subjects (science, social sciences, humanities, literature, data) very quickly. That's why preparation can make a huge difference in scores as students will learn to master the specific skills and concepts covered on the test.

Why PSA?
  • Our students easily improve ACT scores by  4 – 6 points within four to eight weeks.
  • Our tutors have scored within the top 99th percentile on the ACT
  • We focus on mastering academic concepts and building core skills
  • We provide custom test-taking strategies for each student
  • We teach students how to easily read dense passages analytically, based on a proven generative learning methodology
  • Our students become better readers, learners, and thinkers overall

Program Features

  • 8+ practice tests based on PAST, REAL ENTRANCE EXAMS (proven to increase student’s performance by more than 30%)
  • Extensive test review that covers the student’s most missed questions
  • Regular quizzes to build retention
  • Fun, engaging classes with instructors that utilize hilarious examples and stimulating questions to help students focus and remember what they learn
  • Segmented class schedule to maximize student’s time and learning1 on 1 essay writing workshops
  • Prompt feedback on strengths and weaknesses after every practice test
  • Tutoring options include all practice tests, classwork/homework materials, and study guides

Program Comparison


Perfect Score Academy

Elite Prep C2 Educate Revolution
Princeton Review Kaplan
Private Tutoring $50-60/hr $80-$100/hr $80-$100/hr $129-$259/hr $129-$259/hr $167/hr
Group of 3 (3xclusive) $40-$50/hr $60-$80/hr $80/hr      


Which test is easier? Which test do colleges prefer? Should I prepare for both tests?

The answers to these questions really depend on each individual student. All four-year colleges weigh the SAT and ACT equally, so it can be a challenge to figure out which test to take. At PSA, we recommend that students explore both options by taking a practice test for each exam. We can then analyze both test results and advise students on which test they have more potential on and should therefore focus on.  To schedule a diagnostic test at PSA, contact us here.

Ready to join? Choose between learning at our PSA Campus or at your home.

  • Small Group Classes (max 6 to 10 students)
  • 3xclusive Semi-private Classes (2-3 students)
  • Private one on one Classes 
  • Lively, interactive lectures
  • Lesson-practice-review structure
  • Regular quizzes for retention
  • Compare test scores with others for a better gauge
  • Thoroughly covers all subjects/topic in depth
  • Regular feedback
  • Transportation available
  • 3xclusive Semi-private Classes (2-3 students)
  • Private one on one Classes 
  • Additional mentoring and coaching
  • Learning at your pace and style
  • At a convenient location for you
  • Customized Curriculum
  • Personalized feedback
  • Flexible scheduling options

Prefer to sign up over the phone or in-person?

Call us at (714) 484-8888 or book an appointment. We're ready to help!

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