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Did you know...

  • For every 1 high school counselor, there are 476 students
  • In California the ratio is 810 students to 1 counselor
  • The average time high school counselors spend with each student is only 38 minutes!
  • High school counselors spend only 23% of their time on college guidance.
The road to college is a winding path that can be very difficult to navigate. We realize that for a student to find the school that best fits his or her needs, numerous factors need to be taken into consideration. Strategic planning is also needed from the start of a student’s high school career to get into the college of his or her choice. That’s why PSA counselors coach our students to reach their potential by taking on all aspects of the college match, admissions, application, and financing process so they can attend the college of their choice, and namely one of the best in the nation.
We offer college prep boot-camps for students to accomplish everything they need to prepare, apply, get in, and pay for the colleges of their choice:


College Finance Bootcamp (12th)

Tuition: $1900

Ideal for students in 12th grade, this bootcamp is held each summer before senior year. College Finance Bootcamp helps students achieve results, apply, and make college affordable. Students can get more than $20,000 off tuition through this program!

Within 30 days, students complete:

  • Four college applications
  • College Credits
  • 3 CLEP tests (worth $1k - $5k each)
  • Applications for two jobs with tuition reimbursement
  • Applilcations for at least 3 scholarships
  • Money for Life (learning how to earn and budget money)
  • Answers and resources for parents

College Bound Bootcamp Features:

  • 15 hours of expert coaching
  • Held over 4 days
  • Schedule matched to students' availability
  • Available online or in-person
  • Maximum of 4 students
  • All customized strategies and coaching


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